Black Hills Climbers Coalition

By Laws (A Fifth Class Document)

The purpose of the Black Hills Climbers Coalition (BHCC) is to preserve climbing in the Black Hills; to represent climbing/climbers in relations with land managers and other non-climbers.

Pitch I - Membership

  • 5.1a - Anyone with an interest in climbing may be a member of the BHCC.
  • 5.1b - A member must pay annual dues as set up by the board to be a voting member of BHCC.

Pitch II - Duties of Members

  • 5.2a - All members of the BHCC shall have a thorough knowledge of the bylaws and agree to abide by them and any decision or actions made by the membership.
  • 5.2b - It shall be the duty of each member of the BHCC to take part in its activities and meetings as much as is possible.
  • 5.2c - Members of the BHCC should refuse to participate in illegal activities concerning climbing.
  • 5.2d - Members of the BHCC have a duty to represent climbing to the public in a positive manner.

Pitch III - Duties of the Board

  • 5.3a - The board shall consist of five elected officers; the chair, co-chair, secretary, treasurer and publicist (elected as to Pitch IX).
  • 5.3b - The board shall transact routing business, represent the membership to land managers, recommend policies to the membership and act for the membership.
  • 5.3c - The board shall strive to uphold the dignity of the organization and to maintain its high purpose and ideals. It shall at all times endeavor to give the public an accurate account and intelligent understanding of the BHCC.
  • 5.3d - The board shall make recommendations regarding the use of BHCC funds.
  • 5.3e - The board shall make recommendations regarding permits for power drills (to be used for repair) in Custer State Park.
  • 5.3f - The board shall decide upon annual fees.

Pitch IV - Duties of the Chair

  • 5.4a - The chair shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the board.
  • 5.4b - Within one month of installation, the chair shall call a meeting of the board to discuss plans for the coming year.
  • 5.4c - The chair or the delegated representative shall represent the BHCC at all meetings and in all other places where such representation is desirable.

Pitch V - Duties of the Co-Chair

  • 5.5a - The Co-chair shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the chair and assume the business and duties of the chair should the chair become incapacitated.
  • 5.5b - The co-chair shall assist the chair in the duties of that office as needed.

Pitch VI - Duties of Secretary

  • 5.6a - The secretary of the BHCC shall keep accurate minutes of regular business meetings and meetings of the board in journals designated for that purpose.
  • 5.6b - The Secretary shall keep a current mailing list of all members which shall include both name and work telephone numbers.
  • 5.6c - The secretary shall file all correspondence and replies for future reference.
  • 5.6d - The secretary shall keep a record of attendance for all meetings.

Pitch VII - Duties of the Treasurer

  • 5.7a - The treasurer shall receive all money due and payable to the BHCC and shall give a receipt and deposit all such money in the name of the BHCC in such banks or other depositories as the board shall elect.
  • 5.7b - The treasurer shall act as the treasurer of all committees as needed.
  • 5.7c - The treasurer shall submit the financial records to the board to be audited annually or within 30 days of request from the board.
  • 5.7d - The treasurer shall approve all bills of the BHCC.
  • 5.7e - The treasurer shall submit in a timely manner to the IRS all forms required of a non-profit organization such as the BHCC.
  • 5.7f - The treasurer shall keep an account book containing the financial records of the BHCC and shall make a complete report to the membership upon request at BHCC meetings.
  • 5.7g - The treasurer is responsible for notification and collection of annual membership dues.

Pitch VIII - Duties of the Publicist

  • 5.8a - The publicist is responsible for publishing and distributing the BHCC newsletter.
  • 5.8b - The BHCC newsletter shall notify membership of upcoming BHCC meetings, events and other events/items of interest to BHCC members.
  • 5.8c - The publicist shall keep a file of all published materials completed for/by the BHCC
  • 5.8d - All public communication representing the BHCC must be approved by the publicist.

Pitch IX - Election or Removal of Board Members

  • 5.9a - Before the first regular business meeting in November, the board shall meet as nominating committee.
  • 5.9b - The members of the board shall nominate two or more candidates for each office to be filled and shall secure the consent of each candidate to serve if elected.
  • 5.9c - The nominating committee shall report to the membership at the first regular business meeting in November. In addition to the candidates nominated by the committee, nominations from the floor shall be allowed.
  • 5.9d - The election of officers shall be held annually at the first regular business meeting in December.
  • 5.9e - The term of office shall be from the beginning of the first meeting in January to the beginning of the first meeting in January the following year.
  • 5.9f - Each elected officer shall hold office for one year, or until their successor is elected, or until they resign, or until they are removed from office in the manner provided by the bylaws of the BHCC.
  • 5.9g - A vote shall be taken by ballot for each office to be filled and majority vote of members present, or by proxy, shall be necessary to elect an officer.
  • 5.9h - The membership of the BHCC may impeach any officer guilty of illegal climbing conduct, abuse of office or actions which may be detrimental to the goals of the BHCC.
  • 5.9h.01 - A formal petition signed by one-third of the membership of the BHCC must be presented to the board and the membership of the BHCC.
  • 5.9h.02 - The officer in question and the membership of the BHCC shall be notified in writing by the board on the formal hearing on the impeachment at the next regularly scheduled business meeting.
  • 5.9h.03 - After formal discussion, the membership of the BHCC may be a vote of secret ballot or by written proxy, with two-thirds (2/3) members voting, impeach any officer.

Pitch X - Committees

  • 5.10a - Committees may be created by the membership to perform special functions and shall serve until the purpose for which they were created has been fulfilled. The personnel of the special committees may be volunteers or nominated from the floor.
  • 5.10b - A committee representative shall report the committees progress to attendees at the next scheduled meeting.