Black Hills Climbers Coalition

BHCC Board for 2018

Chair - Mark Rafferty

Co-Chair: Aaron Stetzer

Secretary – Chris Huber

Treasurer – Jim Slichter

Publicist – Toni Brumbaugh

Members at Large: Ron Yahne and Jason McNabb

The BHCC was formed circa 1991 around the time the Access Fund was taking shape.  Like the Access Fund, the BHCC came into being as a response to land managers growing awareness of rock climbing, and its impact on the public lands they manage.  Bob Archbold was an early leader and former of this organization.  Often time climbers fail to realize how easy it is for governmental land managers to deny access to rock climbing and the BHCC has given climbers a voice in many land manager issues concerning Black Hills climbing access.  We continue to work to ensure that climbers have access on the public land here and enjoy a great working relationship with Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore National Monument, Black Hills National Forest (including the Norbeck and Black Elk Wilderness Area), and Devils Tower National Monument managers.

No matter where you live and climb, new bolting is often a sticky point with land managers so if you want to put up new routes or maintain older routes, please contact that land manager and make sure you understand the rules for developing routes at that location.  Failure to do so could easily jeopardize access for all climbers, and this will make you a very unpopular climber.

Check this page out for a brief look at rules concerning climbing at several locations around the Black Hills.  Please obey the rules and avoid fines and keep these areas open to climbing.

"A simple equation exist between freedom and numbers: the more people the less freedom. If we are to retain the beauties of the sport, the fine edge, the challenge, we must consider our style of climbing...."

Royal Robbins, Basic Rockcraft, 1971